I have been a business studies teacher for 29 years.  I started teaching when I was 24 years old in Tottenham, Ontario.  My first class ever was a grade 13 Economics class.  My students were 18 and 19 years old.  They will soon be turning 50!

I have taught close to 5 thousand students in the past 29 years various business courses, first in Simcoe Country and now in Toronto, always trying to infuse the curriculum with lessons on personal finance.  I hope it worked.

This website is for my students, past, present and future, to help them continue their learning on investing.  

My current day job is working for the Toronto District School Board as a high school department head. 

At night, I’m the Treasurer of a real estate company.  My partners and I own and manage 3 apartment buildings in Southern Ontario (it’s way more work than it looks like on HGTV).

I graduated from the Ivey School of Business at Western University back when it was called the University of Western Ontario. 

My wife and I are financially independent.  I don’t have a financial worry in the world.  If I were to ever have a financial worry, it would be because the world as we know it is coming to end.  At that point, I wouldn’t care how much money I have in stocks, bonds or real estate.

I’ve have been a DIY investor for over 25 years.   Being a DIY Investor is a lot easier when you have a big fat pension waiting for you.  Nevertheless, I’m been successful at it because I got lucky and lost money when I was young and stupid and learned from my ignorance and arrogance. 

I hope this website will help young investors learn from my mistakes and allow them to create a sensible plan for investing based on:

buying low cost broad based ETFs,  trading very infrequently and not spending time following the latest stock market craze (I’m looking at you, Bitcoin!).

Good luck,

Larry C