One Big Thing: 74% of Retirement Success is the result of enough savings. Nothing else required.

Investing articles can be long and boring.  How about I read the article and provide you with the important information for DIY investing success.

Here it is.

Don’t obsess over which ETF is better, how much should you allocate to bonds vs. stocks, should you use a RRSP or TFSA, is rebalancing important, etc…

Just save! 6-10% of your pay each and every year from age 25 to 65.

The full article:

“The American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) has an answer.  They published an article in 2011 where they found that 74% of retirement success had to do with one thing: savings rate.  The other 26% was explained by asset allocation and related decisions.”