Real Research From An Expert Who Isn’t Trying To Sell You Anything


Malcolm Hamilton is currently a pensions expert and senior fellow at the C.D. Howe Institute. This is his retirement gig. For most of his career he was a actuary working with Mercer.

He is an expert on pensions and retirement savings and has been studying these areas since the 70’s.

He does not sell financial products. Rather, he spends his days teaching about retirement and hopefully correcting the misinformation pushed on to the public by financial marketers. Financial marketers try to convince you to save 15% of your income just like other marketers try to convince you that you need a BMW or Mercedes.

Malcolm Hamilton’s key takeaway is simple. Saving 15% of your working income for retirement means you will have a lot more money to spend in retirement than while you were working and raising the children.

If you can spare the time, and I highly recommend you do, watch this video. Malcolm explains, using real research, why most of what you hear about retirement savings is misleading. This is stressing people out without reason and probably leading to bad financial decisions being made by Canadians.