Paying as little as 1% in investing fees can easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wealth for you.  Learn how to avoid investing fees.

There is nothing stopping you from DIY investing. Millions of Canadians DIY.  

My goal is to teach you about DIY investing so you can make your own intelligent choices.  


I do a very limited number of one-on-one training sessions to help people become DIY Investors.  My fee is $249 for 3 hours and all monies raised is donated to The Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto.  

Some topics we will discuss are:

  • RRSPs vs. TFSAs
  • benefits of investing when you are young
  • the value of low cost investing
  • What a broad index ETF is and what’s so good about them
  • what the experts say about how much of your income you should save
  • how CPP (Canada Pension Plan) and OAS (Old Age Security) fit into your savings plan
  • how do RESPs work
  • how company pension plans change your investing 
  • what can change the amount of saving required (married, own home, kids)
  • how and where to set up a self directed investing account