Vanguard, iShares or BMO? A side-by-side comparison of the new all-in-one diversified ETF portfolios

Investing articles can be long and boring.  How about I read the article and provide you with the important information for DIY investing success.

Here it is:

From Dan Bortolotti, a portfolio manager and the creator of Canadian Couch Potato, a fantastic blog about index investing.  I’m mentioned several times on this blog the Vanguard offerings (VGRO, VBAL, etc) but Dan goes into more detail about alternatives from Ishares and BMO.  In my opinion, all 3 company products are excellent so don’t worry too much which one you pick.

“In the past year or so, all three of Canada’s largest exchange-traded-fund providers have launched products that allow investors to own a complete portfolio with just one trade. Each includes a mix of global stocks and bonds, so anyone with a brokerage account can get extremely broad diversification with minimal maintenance and rock-bottom costs.

The ETFs will be rebalanced so they maintain those long-term targets. This feature makes them virtually maintenance-free.

And the price tag for this elegant portfolio? The management fees range from 0.18 per cent to 0.22 per cent, which is about 90-per-cent cheaper than traditional balanced mutual funds.”

Here is the article (need subscription to Globe and Mail to read):