Wise Words From John Bogle

John Bogle is the founder and genius behind Vanguard index funds.  I just finished watching him comment on the fact that there will never be a perfectly safe time to invest.   There is always going to be something going on in the world that will scare investors  and you can always create a long list of potentials risks or uncertainties.  This is what John Bogle thinks you should do.

“Well, you can only control what you can control. I think whatever your view of the world is,you have to invest. You can’t put the money in the mattress and in this day and age of low interest rates, you can’t put it in the money market fund or a bank CD, so invest, you must. Now, you might want to invest regularly. For people that are investing regularly, I would say for god’s sake don’t stop investing now. I know the market is not doing much this year, just about where it started a little bit down, but not much and bond yields are still very low, actually lower than they were at the beginning of the year, but you have to put your money to work. The alternative is – I mean, the only way to guarantee you will have nothing at retirement is to invest nothing along the way. So, you have to take your chances.”